Patron: The Former HRH The Prince of Wales
Chorus Master: Gavin Carr
Accompanist: Timothy End
Arts Council England

Concert Diary 2014 - 2015

8:00PM Sat 11 Jun 1988

Britten - Paul Bunyan

Snape Maltings Concert Hall, Snape

Semi-staged performance

Ballad singer – Pop Wagner
Paul Bunyan – James Lawless
Andy Anderson – Phil Jorgenson
Pete Petersen – Tim Dahl
Jen Jenson – Lawrence Weller
Cross Crosshaulson – Thomas Schaffer
Western Union Boy – James Westbrock
Hel Helson – James Bohn
Sam Sharkey – Vern Sutton
Ben Benny – Merle Fristad
Johnny Inkslinger – Dan Dressen
Fido – Maria Jette
Moppet – Sue Herber
Poppet – Janis Hardy
Hot Biscuit Slim – Clifton Ware
Tiny – Elisabeth Comeaux-Nelson
John Shears – James McKeel
Four young trees – Caroline Sewry, Sally Donegani, David Lester, Christopher Hollis

Lumberjacks, Farmers and Frontier Women sung by the Philharmonia Chorus
Chorus Masters – Horst Neumann and Michael Lloyd

English Chamber Orchestra
conducted by Philip Brunelle