Patron: HRH The Prince of Wales
Acting Chorus Master: Gavin Carr
Accompanist: Timothy End
Arts Council England


The Philharmonia Chorus exists to perform choral works to the highest international standard with the Philharmonia Orchestra and other orchestras of similar standing.

Although the Chorus's approach to music making is professional in that it aspires to the highest performance standards, individually the singers are unpaid. The Chorus necessarily depends upon professional chorus masters, accompanists and, when promoting concerts, of course orchestras, conductors and solo artists.

The Chorus is always seeking commercial partners for sponsorship opportunities. The sponsors gain from close association with music making of the highest order with prestigious orchestras and soloists.

Contact Details

For further details about sponsorship of the Philharmonia Chorus:

Richard Harding
Tel: 020 8788 6305
Mobile: 07766 658900

Andrew Martin
Tel: 020 8290 5172
Mobile: 07802 259913

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Philharmonia Chorus Ltd is a registered charity (No. 250495). Its main objectives are the advancement of public education through the promotion of the art of music (in many forms) particularly by the promotion and encouragement of orchestral and choral music. The full scope of the aims and objectives are contained in the memorandum and articles.